The Return of the Bad Boys

Hugh Hefner may keep a kind of harem of beauties around but is said to be a doting father to his two sons, Marston, 11, and Cooper, 9. The kids live next door with their mother, Kimberly Conrad, and visit Dad every day to play with his private zoo of wildlife. Hugh has numerous exotic birds--flamingos, peacocks, crowned cranes, macaws, cockatoos, parrots and toucans. He also has three species of monkeys, koi ponds, dogs, cats and an iguana. Is there a sign, "Don't Pet the Bunnies"? Just asking. . . . The senator from New York, Hillary Rodham Clinton, was seen walking the Senate floor, carrying a copy of the new bestseller "Walking the Bible." This is Bruce Feiler's adventurous account of retracing Biblical stories in the desert. . . . Sean "Puffy" Combs and his Bad Boy Records family will launch his return to the stage in Ocho Rios, Jamaica, Aug. 22-26, his first such outing since his legal troubles. The show is to be called "The Sashi Experience 2001." It happens at James Bond Beach, where, once upon a time, the likes of Ian Fleming and Noel Coward cavorted. Wyclef Jean is to host. Faith Evans, 112, Black Rob, Dream, Carl Thomas and G-Dep, Tyrese, Lil' Bow Wow, Kevon Edmonds and Trina are also set to perform. Horatio Hamilton, the Sashi founder and CEO, says, "I can't express in words what a thrill it is that Puffy and the Bad Boys Records family have chosen our stage to make his return to live performance."

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