Bush's Nominees for Key Environmental Positions

Some of the lawyers and lobbyists appointed by the Bush administration to major environmental positions:

* Tom Sansonetti, nominee for assistant attorney general for environment and natural resources. Wyoming lawyer who represents energy and interests, especially coal, and other extractive industries. Former chairman of Wyoming Republican Party. General counsel to the Republican National Committee.

* Linda Fisher, deputy EPA administrator, former Monsanto executive in Washington. Lobbied Congress and administration on agriculture, biochemical and other issues, and ran company PAC. Held senior posts at EPA from 1983-1993 (Reagan-Bush administrations), including assistant administrator.

* Steven Griles, deputy Interior secretary nominee. Founding partner National Environmental Strategies, a company that lobbies for and provides strategic advice to oil, coal and gas companies, utilities and other industries affected by federal regulations and laws. Interior Department appointments 1981-1989, including assistant Interior secretary of lands and mineral management.

* James Connaughton, chairman of White House Council on Environmental Policy. As a partner at Sidley & Austin, he lobbied on behalf of corporate interests on environmental issues and represented General Electric Co. and ASARCO Inc. in Superfund fights against EPA, among other cases.

* Jeffrey Holmstead, nominee for assistant EPA administrator for air pollution programs. Washington lawyer who has represented industry trade associations negotiating with EPA over regulations. Associate White House counsel under former President Bush.

* Mark Rey, assistant Agriculture secretary nominee. A Republican staffer for the Energy and Natural Resources Committee, and former lobbyist and vice president of the American Forest and Paper Assn.

* William G. Myers III, Interior Department solicitor. Former lobbyist for the Cattlemen's Beef Assn. and a lawyer who has advocated grazing rights for ranchers at Holland & Hart in Boise, Idaho. Held various legal jobs in the first Bush administration.

* Cam Toohey, Interior Secretary Gale A. Norton's special assistant in Alaska. Formerly chief lobbyist for drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Worked for Arctic Power, a pro-drilling lobby group.

* Drue Pearce, Norton's senior aide on Alaskan issues. Formerly an Alaska state senator who has lobbied for drilling in the Arctic.

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