Up in Arms Over Part-Time Policing

Of course Chief Bernard Parks will agree to a three-day week for LAPD officers (June 20). Mayor-elect James Hahn was the LAPD-endorsed candidate, a foot-dragger on LAPD reform while city attorney and the only mayoral candidate who did not declare his intention to replace Parks if elected. Although comparisons between Hahn and Sam Yorty were generally unjustified, a return to the bad old days of uncontrolled police power is certain.

Todd Engle

Los Angeles


After all of the hue and cry that occurred when Parks moved senior lead officers from their trailers to patrol cars to conduct their problem-solving duties, I find it incredible that there appears to be no objection to Hahn's approval of the police union's plan to turn the LAPD into a part-time police force.

One would think that community activists would voice objections to a plan that would obliterate any chance that police officers will get to know community members or partner with the community to solve problems. Perhaps the only voices we'll soon hear are from the other city unions, which will now have the leverage to get the other 30,000 city employees into part-time jobs as well.

Gregory R. Berg

Director, Dept. of Community

& Safety Services, Cerritos

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