Nothing More Than Eco-Terrorists

Shame on James Ricci for providing a free endorsement for Robert Lind and Charles Dines' vandalism of SUVs ("Applying a Little Pressure on SUVs and Their Owners," Metropolis, June 3). I hope Lind and Dines get arrested. Raising awareness about the increased consumption of gas by behemoth SUVs is needed, but Lind and Dines are nothing more than self-righteous eco-terrorists. They ought to promote mass transit, carpooling, bicycle use and electric vehicles. I am left wondering if their bumper stickers are biodegradable.

Rob Weisskirch



I have to wonder what the LAPD thinks about these two "gentlemen" who are vandalizing people's vehicles. While I agree that SUVs should be held to the same standards as passenger cars, attacking people's personal property is not the way to further a cause. Many SUV owners, my family included, would not be driving an SUV if passenger cars accommodated three children's car seats and/or booster seats. Until a passenger car manufacturer can give us a back seat with enough room for three of these seats, many people are forced to drive an SUV or van to protect their children and themselves. While there are always a few oblivious bad eggs, many of Lind and Dines' targets are just conscientious parents who are trying to abide by the law and keep their kids safe.

Darby Ziegler

Huntington Beach

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