U.S. Memphis Gets a Turn With Egypt's Ancient Treasures

An exhibit of ancient Egyptian statues, mummy masks, papyrus, jewelry and other artwork spanning 35 centuries opens this week in Memphis, Tenn. The items, many of which are being displayed in the U.S. for the first time, are from the British Museum.

Although the "Eternal Egypt" show has appeared this year at the Toledo (Ohio) Museum of Art and will travel to several other U.S. cities, the venue in downtown Memphis, known as the Pyramid, offers unique features: a re-creation of a pharaoh's tomb and an activities center where visitors can "build" pyramids, write hieroglyphics and sketch art from ancient tombs.

Other highlights include a 7,000-pound lion figure that guarded a temple built by Pharaoh Amen-hotep III (reigned circa 1411-1375 BC) and a bust of King Ramses II from the 13th century BC. The show opens Thursday and runs through Oct. 21. It is open 9 a.m. to 10 p.m daily. Adult tickets are $14. Telephone (800) 263-6744, Internet http://www.eternalegypt.org.

Compiled by JANE ENGLE

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