Honesty Best Policy When Applying for a Job

Q: Before starting my job, which I've held for more than a year, I neglected to mention my most recent former employer. I had worked there only six months and didn't think it was significant enough to mention on my application or in my interview. I listed the other employers, all of whom gave very good references.

Should I voluntarily reveal this error now and face possible termination for withholding information on my application, or leave it alone and deal with it if the company asks about it in the future?

--S.A, Woodland Hills


A: At this point, there seems no reason to bring up this information. However, if you are asked about it, you should be straightforward and honest.

In general, honesty is the best policy. This goes for both employees and employers.

--Ron Riggio, director

Kravis Leadership Institute

Claremont McKenna College


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