NFL Team in L.A.

* Re "Pick a Mayor Smart Enough to Resist the NFL Crowd," Commentary, March 11: As an avid football fan, I agree wholeheartedly with Frank del Olmo. We don't need the NFL. There is plenty of good football to be had on the lower levels. However, it would be interesting to hear a mayoral candidate say, "I will attempt to bring the NFL back to Los Angeles if it gives us the same type of (public) ownership Green Bay has." Shouldn't taxpayers be able to ask for that if the NFL demands a bundle of goodies from us?




I agree with Del Olmo's position that an NFL team is not needed in Los Angeles. However, I was disappointed with his condescending reference to professional football as grown men playing a boy's sport. Most of the major sports in this country were created as a form of exercise and entertainment for adults. Children become competent and excel in most sports as they mature and approach adult status. The same is probably true for other disciplines, such as writing essays or editorials.



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