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The Scenic Route: “Here’s one of those only-in-California stories: In Palm Springs, a $5-million expansion has begun at a nudist camp that includes a footbridge so that naked people can cross over one of the busy streets. It’s bad enough here that you’ve got people driving while talking on cell phones, they’re putting on makeup, they’re drinking. Now they’re going under bridges looking at naked people.” (Jay Leno)

Big Changes in the Big Apple: “This is big news for those of us who live and work in New York City. They are going to widen the sidewalks in Times Square. The sidewalks are now going to be 8 feet wide, and the city is prepared to hire 200 additional hookers.” (David Letterman)

Finally, Some Credit: “Richard Pryor was honored recently when Peoria voted to name a road after him. In the past, they rejected the idea because of his drug use, womanizing and profanity. Finally, they decided it was unfair to hold comedians to higher standards than presidents.” (Argus Hamilton)



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