Tricks to a Beneficial Trampoline Workout

Question: I’m an avid tennis player, and I was wondering if you know of any specific exercises I could do on my trampoline to help me on the court.

--David Dickey

Answer: Trampolining is a cardiovascular and weight-bearing exercise with effects equal to running--but with less impact. Regular use can help reduce vascular disease, obesity and osteoporosis.

Try variations on the basic bounce such as twisting jumps, scissor jumps, jumping jacks and single knee lifts. When exercising on your trampoline:


Control how high you jump--it’s the key to effective bouncing.

For safety’s sake, learn to “stop bounce” to prevent loss of control. This move requires a deep knee bend or squat on the trampoline to stop out-of-control movements.

Don’t attempt somersaults on small trampolines ... unless you’re a member of the circus.

Before jumping:


Read the trampoline’s manual carefully.

Make sure the frame pads are securely attached.

Place the trampoline on a level surface.

If outside, keep it away from sharp objects, trees or concrete.


If inside, make sure you have sufficient head room to jump.


Stephanie Oakes is the fitness correspondent for Discovery Health Channel and a health/fitness consultant. Send questions by e-mail to: