Applauding Mexico’s New Regional Role

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Re “Mexico Leaves Castro’s Cuba Behind,” Commentary, April 9: Latin America deserves a credible and active regional leader; the United States could use a reliable partner in the region’s affairs. That’s why Mexico’s brave and calculated move to redefine its relationship with Cuba deserves greater applause and support.

Mexico’s abandonment of its pro-Cuba stance marks our southern neighbor’s often unappreciated entry into modern democratic politics. It wasn’t too long ago that Mexico, like Cuba, was an oddity in Latin America. As a nation ruled by an authoritarian party, Mexico’s politicos regularly paid tribute to Cuba to prevent international scrutiny of shared domestic abuses: human rights violations, rigged elections, corruption.

Today, Mexico increasingly ties its political future to international considerations. And as it does, its capacity to lead in the region expands.


Efren Perez

Santa Clarita