Driver’s Licenses for the Undocumented

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Re “Driver’s License Plan for Illegal Workers Criticized,” April 9: The advantages of being an undocumented worker in California:

1. Bank account, no Social Security number needed (try this at your local bank if you live here legally).

2. Free medical care.

3. Free education.

4. Using a foreign-issued ID for valid ID to show local law enforcement (also good for No. 1, above).


The advantages of being a law-abiding citizen of California:

Give me more time, I’m sure I’ll find something. . . .

Raul Perez



As a visitor to this country, it was very interesting reading your April 9 front-page article about the INS cutting down the stays of legal visitors to 30 days. And your Page B1 article reveals a plan to give driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants. When it comes to legal versus illegal immigrants, I guess it is clear what this country prefers.

Sujatha Ramani

Los Angeles