Don’t Forget ‘Brooklyn Bridge’

Evidently, Paul Brownfield is unhappy that he’s not married to Julia Louis-Dreyfus, or he wouldn’t be sniping at writer-producer Brad Hall (“Married ... With Issues,” Feb. 10).

Apparently, Brownfield as much as accused Hall of being from Harvard and a trust-fund kid. Hall’s denials were not enough, however, as Brownfield still referred to him in the article as looking “like one of those Harvard Lampoon guys.” Hmm. I don’t know what bone Brownfield has to pick with Hall, but I think it’s hard enough to produce quality television in this town without some gadfly taking potshots at you in the paper.

I know Hall to be a man of integrity, good humor and humility. Several times Brownfield referred to what he called Hall having “virtually no sitcom staff experience,” overlooking that gem of a show that Hall co-produced and co-wrote, “Brooklyn Bridge.” I’m still waiting for Hollywood to produce another show that charming and delightful. Let’s hope that shows of the quality of “Brooklyn Bridge,” and men of integrity such as Hall, all have long runs.


Los Angeles