Yellowstone Visitor to Be Charged in Bison Goring

From Times Wire Reports

Criminal charges were pending against a Yellowstone National Park visitor who was gored by a bison after he tried to get the animal to raise its head for a photograph, park officials said.

No action will be taken against the bison. The man faces charges of harassing wildlife, park officials said in a written statement.

Paul Jocelyn, 37, of Albertville, Minn., received a puncture wound in his inner right thigh as well as scrapes and bruises after he approached the bull bison Saturday near the Old Faithful geyser.


Jocelyn had walked around the front of the bison to see whether it would raise its head for a better picture.

The bison then chased the man into the trees and threw him into the air. The bison stared at the visitors for several minutes before walking away and resuming his grazing, park officials said.