‘It’s for the Kids’ Wins With Voters

I believe that obtaining an education and constructing modernized educational facilities are worthwhile endeavors. Unfortunately, those responsible for the educational purse strings in California have an insatiable appetite and an uncanny ability to mismanage money or make it disappear, as with the Belmont Learning Complex. They continually use the same phrase -- “it’s for the kids” -- to garner the support they need to obtain funds and ensure job security.

Tuesday’s election was a clear indication of their expertise in this arena. During each election, for as long as I care to remember, propositions related to funds for education have abounded. I can only hope that someday citizens will look more closely at this issue and demand better accountability from those in charge.

Santo N. Marino

La Crescenta



I’ve just informed my 7-year-old, a fifth-generation Californian, that the people of his great state have saddled him with a $32-billion invoice for the next 30 years. Please let Arnold Schwarzenegger know that my wife will be returning to work so we can pay to have our child stay after school. Good thing we have Gov. Gray Davis to manage it all.

Chip Potter

North Hollywood