Some razed eyebrows

Damone Roberts calls it a five-minute facial -- and therein, he says, is the eyebrow-raising reason why so many male agents, screenwriters and producers-on-the-go are getting their brows plucked. Well, that, and vanity.

Roberts earned a reputation as a brow guru at L.A.'s Sager French Salon, and he’ll open his eponymous Beverly Hills eyebrow-grooming salon next month. There, eyebrow tweezing will be the only service. Men are 40% of his clientele, and he’ll turn the place over to them at least twice a month for a champagne-and-tweezers night.

Who’s he giving the eyebrow? Pro football players and “tons of male agents” from CAA and William Morris, among others.

Tweezing is also on the menu for men at the new Kinara spa in West Hollywood and at Bobbe Joy Make-Up Studio in Beverly Hills, where owner Bobbe Joy Dawson mans the tweezers. Most of her male clients are Hollywood industry types who come in for a plucking and stick around to learn to tint the gray hairs in their brows. Is there much squirming? “Men have less tolerance for pain than women,” she says. “They’re in here holding onto the seats as if they were on a roller coaster.”


But discomfort’s no deterrent in the battle of the unibrow. “This is L.A.,” Dawson says. “Men aren’t that shy about stuff like this.”