Noyce’s frustration

MOST probably due to the imperfection of my telling, but certainly exacerbated by the sub-heading (“Pandering to the A-List”), Patrick Goldstein’s article (“Nowhere Man,” Nov. 19) gives the false impression that Harrison Ford somehow acted unreasonably while trying to decide if he would reprise the role of Jack Ryan in “The Sum of All Fears.”

For the record, Harrison had always been very forthcoming with his misgivings about “The Sum of All Fears” story line. I think simply out of loyalty to the rest of us involved with the project at that time, Harrison tried in vain to summon enthusiasm for the material.

Harrison’s personal reluctance to commit to a project he didn’t believe in was not the factor that drove to me to leave “Fears” and return to Australia to make “Rabbit-Proof Fence.” In my comments to Patrick, I meant to convey my frustration with trying to mount another huge studio-based project, not frustration with Ford.

Phillip Noyce


Los Angeles