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REGARDING the "Bullwinkle Is Back" story (by Susan King, Aug. 19), which reported the release of the first season of "Rocky and His Friends" on DVD, we were dismayed not to see the name Daws Butler credited along with the many other talented voice actors involved in the series.

Butler not only made up half the team of "Aesop and Son" opposite Charlie Ruggles, but also played a plethora of princes to June Foray's princesses in the "Fractured Fairy Tales," plus countless other character voices which, along with those of Bill Scott, Paul Frees, Hans Conried, Walter Tetley, William Conrad, Edward Everett Horton and the aforementioned Foray and Ruggles, made the "Rocky & Bullwinkle" show the cultural phenomenon that it was.

As "Son" might have said to Aesop, "That's quite a story, Pop!"

The Butler Boys

David, Don, Paul, Charles

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