No Cause Yet for War, Annan Says

From Times Wire Services

U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan said Tuesday that there was no argument for a U.S. strike against Iraq before weapons inspectors report on their mission.

Annan said Iraq was cooperating with arms inspectors and he saw no need for military action until the inspectors -- searching Iraq for suspected biological, chemical or nuclear weapons programs -- report to the Security Council by Jan. 27.

U.N. teams visited at least eight suspect sites Tuesday in central Iraq, including engineering and design firm Saad General Co.

In the U.S., a military spokesman said the Pentagon has ordered the U.S. Army's entire 3rd Infantry Division to the Persian Gulf for a possible war with Iraq. "This is our first deployment of the entire division since Desert Shield" before the 1991 Gulf War, said Rich Olson, a division spokesman.

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