Stop Name-Calling Across Party Lines

Re Gregory Dato's Dec. 28 letter: So again I read a Republican's tired opinions about the "liberal" Democrats. Politics in this country are now about defining issues in the simplest terms. Potential solutions to our difficult problems are reduced to black and white to the point that one is made to look "stupid" for supporting them. Clearly both parties are guilty of this tactic, but it is the Republicans who have turned it into an art form.

Dato continues this exercise. Of his four accusations of Democrats, two can easily be leveled back at Republicans, while the other two are serious social issues that cannot be ignored. This country faces difficult times ahead and we need solutions to our ills, not name-calling. Unless we put aside mindless rhetoric and work together with meaningful, respectful dialogue, it will be difficult to move forward.

Paul Stowitts

San Dimas

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