A Draft Would Further Militarize the Nation

Re Rep. Charles Rangel's (D-N.Y.) plan, announced Dec. 31, to reactivate the draft if we go to war with Iraq: Even though I agree with Rangel's opposition to a war with Iraq, I think his plan is wrongheaded for the simple reason that our civilian political hawks would like nothing better than acquiring the power to further militarize our society.

However, I'd almost bet that the military professionals would shudder at the prospect of having to teach large crowds of raw recruits how to walk around without tripping over each other's feet.

Horace Gaims

Los Angeles


Bring back the draft? In God's name, no! Rep. Rangel would have us return to the draft in order ensure that the burden of military service does not fall strictly on the poor. He also holds that those in high places ought to know that their own children may come to know war. Please remember the '60s and Vietnam. Our egregious plutocracy was alive and well even then. Those who were well educated (or from privileged families) rarely saw anything akin to combat. The majority either did not serve or enlisted in the reserves or the National Guard, like our "courageous" current president.

Harry Shannon

Studio City

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