Little Passenger Demand at Palmdale Airport

Try as they might, the folks at LAX cannot make the airlines provide air service at an airport that is unprofitable (Dec. 27). Palmdale Airport is relatively inaccessible and generates little passenger demand compared with Burbank Airport. That is why airlines are reluctant to invest heavily in the high desert.

Your article cites a study by the Southern California Assn. of Governments on future airport use. The same study looked at expanding air service at the airports in Oxnard and Camarillo. These airports are anticipated to be much busier than Palmdale in the same time frame, yet we hear nothing about their expansion. In order to be a contender for air service the high desert will need to grow sufficient passenger demand to make stationing aircraft at Palmdale profitable. Until then, Burbank Airport will continue to be the only game in town for travelers headed in and out of northern L.A. County.

Sean McCarthy

West Hills

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