A Better Country If All Immigrants Paid Taxes

Re “Undocumented Student Aid,” Dec. 21:

The other day I tried to hire the services of a very competent Hispanic neighborhood gardener to maintain the common greenbelt areas of our community. When I asked the man for his Social Security number, he indicated that he did not have one because he has been in the U.S. illegally for the last nine years. I advised him that it was very easy to become a U.S. citizen and that I was willing to assist him. His reply: No thanks, I do not want to pay taxes.

According to an article in The Times, people like this send more than $9 billion per year of the money they earn here to Mexico.

Imagine how much better off our society would be if these people would pay taxes, which could then be spent on education for their children and spur our economy.


Vern Vogt

Fountain Valley