Security Forces Seize 100 Rockets From Abandoned House in Kabul

From Associated Press

Afghan security forces seized 100 rockets from a house in northern Kabul, international peacekeepers and police said Sunday.

British Cmdr. Geoff Wintle said the cache of 107-millimeter Chinese rockets was found by police Saturday in the capital's Badam Bagh neighborhood.

A senior police officer in the district, Shafi Ahmed, confirmed the seizure and said no arrests were made because the owner of the house was not present.

Ahmed said the rockets were found in an abandoned building in a war-ruined compound now occupied by refugees. He said the refugees were unaware the rockets were there.

Peacekeepers and police frequently find weapons caches in and around the capital, some that were stored long ago. Peacekeepers commonly destroy the caches they find themselves.

About 4,800 international peacekeepers are deployed in the Afghan capital to bolster stability.

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