Term Limits Place Amateurs at the Helm

Re "GOP Is In for the Long Term Now," Commentary, Jan. 5: We live in a democracy in America. One of the worst ideas to come along in quite some time was this fantasy on term limits. For some reason, the voters bought into this idea that having rank amateurs in our government will solve many problems. We Californians can put the blame for many of our problems, from the energy deregulation nightmare to the current crisis in budget matters, right at the feet of term limits.

Where else in our political debate do we rate some politicians more highly due to experience but at the same time demand inexperience (term limits) of other politicians? California is the sixth- or seventh- (depending on exchange rates) largest economy in the world. It is sheer madness to have this state run by legislators who, by law, cannot become experienced and effective servants of the people. Term limits are an expression of contempt for democracy.

Roy A. Fassel

Los Angeles

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