Pakistani Police Arrest Two Men, Confiscate Arms After Shootout

From Associated Press

Police recovered rifles, grenades, street maps and more than $30,000 in cash from a house in Pakistan used by two suspected Al Qaeda members who were arrested after a shootout, officials said Friday.

The suspects' fingerprints have been sent to the FBI as police try to confirm the identities of the pair, who said they were from Yemen and Egypt. Police believe that at least one more suspect was injured in the shootout but escaped.

The men threw grenades and fired automatic weapons before they were captured in the predawn hours Thursday by police and FBI agents in the southern port city of Karachi.

Police said they also recovered a satellite phone, a laptop computer and maps of the Pakistani cities of Hyderabad and Lahore as well as Karachi.

A police official said the two men identified themselves as Abu Hamza of Yemen and Abu Umar of Egypt, but investigators want to determine if those are their real names and nationalities. Police said they also arrested the wife and three small children of one of the men.

Seven other people were arrested but later released, authorities said.

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