A Better LAPD Begins at Home

Re "LAPD Will Unveil New Anti-Gang Offensive," Jan. 15: In addition to its already laid-out plans, the LAPD should look into better high school recruitment programs, especially in the districts with high gang problems. The LAPD should also look into modifying its recruitment restrictions -- such as if one has been imprisoned, he or she cannot become a police officer -- so that people who may have been gang-related and served time, but have reformed and want to become police officers can have the opportunity to do so. The Police Department could really gain from people with that kind of knowledge and experience.

Understandably, it may be problematic in some respects, but the ratio between the number of police officers and the residents of Los Angeles is greatly disproportionate. The police need all the help they can get.

Alex Andujar

Los Angeles

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