Is their life really worth a sitcom?

Times Staff Writer

It’s a funny thing about watching a great comedy show: The top-notch performers can make it appear so effortless that it seems as if anyone could do it. But as tonight’s 8 p.m. premiere of the ABC Family series “My Life Is a Sitcom” makes so excruciatingly clear, TV is definitely not for everyone. And certainly not for the Mozian clan of Old Greenwich, Conn.

The Mozians are the first of eight families culled from a nationwide talent search that will take center stage each week in a competition to see which is the most sitcom-worthy. The winner of the first four weeks -- as judged by a celebrity panel of Maureen McCormick (“The Brady Bunch”), Dave Coulier (“Full House”) and David Faustino (“Married ... With Children”) -- will square off against the top performing family of the second four weeks in a head-to-head screen test. The family emerging victorious will star in its own scripted pilot.

The Mozians, who, like the other eight families, were followed by a film crew and a writer for one week, would appear as longshots to make the cut. Joe, when he isn’t making up rap songs about his two-year unemployment predicament to amuse the family, hogs the camera to show off what he apparently perceives to be his winning personality. Wife Michele and young sons Alex and Michael put up with his boorish antics as best they can, which is more patience than his French-speaking mother-in-law exhibits. But the important thing is what the panel thought.


“When he wasn’t trying to be funny, he was very funny,” offers McCormick. Faustino thought the appeal was rather one-note. Coulier labeled Joe “a very strong comedic character.”

Well, you can judge for yourself tonight.