Christian Radio Host Says to Abandon Church

From Times Wire Reports

An influential Christian radio host, best-known for his failed predictions of the second coming of Christ, has run into more derision and criticism for telling listeners to abandon church.

Harold Camping says his Bible studies have revealed that what he calls “the church age” has ended.

He has told his worldwide radio audience that Satan has taken over all churches.

For the past two years, Camping has been teaching that God wants people to worship privately in their homes instead -- with no leaders, no baptism and no communion.


“The Bible says God is not saving people any longer in the churches,” Camping said in a recent interview at Family Radio’s headquarters in Oakland. “They’re being saved outside the churches.”

Critics call the idea heretical, and say the self-described Bible expert doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Some evangelical Christian leaders complain that his call is hurting their churches.

“He’s got pastors all over the United States in an uproar,” said David Clark, who tracks Christian fringe groups. “He’s gone over the edge this time.”