The Vatican's Role in Overpopulation

Re "U.S., Mexican Bishops Urge Bush to Resume Migration Negotiations," Jan. 25: I am more than a little tired of the Catholic Church blaming the U.S. for the problem that it created and is in the unique position to eliminate. The world, including Mexico, has limited resources. Overpopulation stretches these resources to the breaking point. When the pope forbade the use of birth control, he created the conditions of overpopulation, extreme poverty and desperation that forced mass illegal immigration to the U.S.

If this pope were an honorable man, he would admit the mistake and allow the use of birth control. Furthermore, as head of the Vatican, a sovereign nation and an extremely wealthy international organization, he could eliminate the problems tomorrow. If he loved the people of Mexico, as he professes to do, he would invest some of that money in making improvements to Mexico's schools and hospitals and create an infrastructure so that businesses and the people could thrive there. Instead, he chooses to further oppress and exploit the helpless people of Mexico and blame others for his actions and inactions.

Frank Vera


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