Woman Fights $10,000 Fine for Her Cuba Trip

From Times Wire Reports

A 75-year-old San Diego woman who went with a Canadian company on a bicycle tour of Cuba is fighting the U.S. government's decision to fine her nearly $10,000 for violating the U.S. ban on travel there.

Joan Slote said she made the trip three years ago only because the tour's Canadian organizer assured her in writing that she could legally visit Cuba as long as she traveled through a third country, such as Canada. On returning to the U.S., Klote reported she had spent $18 in souvenirs and $20 in airport tax in Cuba and was fined $7,600. Penalties that have accrued while she has fought the fine have increased the toll to $9,871.75.

Slote has been invited to speak today in Washington at a forum on the U.S. travel ban.

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