He’s Not as Crazy as He Sounds

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You guys might think I’m crazy, but I think Donald Sterling has been a genius.

I honestly don’t know why he has such a bad rap. People keep saying he doesn’t want to pay people what they deserve. I say, show me one of these cases and I will show you cases where they didn’t deserve the money they were asking.

1. Michael Olowokandi. Who would want him on the team? He’s injury-prone and inconsistent, selfish and disrespectful. Let him go, and let’s see how effective he is somewhere else.

2. Loy Vaught. Yes, he was Mr. Clipper, but what did he do after he left the Clippers?

3. Danny Manning? He’s still playing, believe it or not, but check his numbers after he left the Clippers.


4. Ron Harper? Never was more than average after the Clippers.

5. Maurice Taylor? Injured a whole year and still has trouble cracking the Rockets’ starting lineup.

6. Lorenzen Wright? Similar situation as above.

The list goes on: Charles Smith, Lamond Murray, Terry Dehere, Derek Anderson ...

Granted, if Sterling doesn’t sign Elton Brand, then this would mean he is smoking something, but until that happens, I think his track record is excellent. Not perfect, but not the way the media portrays it.

Bradley Sutton