Exerting pull, but slowly

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This exercise targets your chest and shoulder muscles and should be performed in a slow and smooth manner. Exercises such as this use a curved motion instead of movement in a straight line. As you do this exercise, try to think of your hands moving forward and up along a curve, rather than just straight up.

1 Stand on a resistance tube with your feet hip-width apart and your knees slightly bent. Hold one end of the tube in each hand near your sides; your palms should face upward, with elbows bent. Begin by inhaling.

2 Now exhale and slowly pull your hands up and together -- your arms should form an arc, as if you are hugging a large beach ball. Pause with your hands at shoulder level in front of your chest. Feel the effect in your chest and shoulder muscles as you work against the resistance. Remember to lift your chest upward and do not lean forward. Slowly reverse direction, then return to the starting position.



-- Karen Voight