Hearing Lots of Static Over Cell Phone Towers

Fake trees are only part of the telecom tower issue (Points West, Feb. 23). I get frustrated by poor cell coverage too. However, the city needs to create uniform guidelines for types of towers/antennas and mitigation and removal once the antennas are obsolete. Quite a number of undisguised telecom towers exist adjacent to the Los Angeles River and on Glendale Boulevard, south of the 2 Freeway terminus. Several are obsolete and not in use. In Elysian Park they've been mounting discreet antennas on existing streetlight poles and burying the equipment underground.

The city needs to hold the telecom companies responsible for cleaning up the visual blight they create in all parts of the city, not just the people within a 500-foot radius who have the time and energy to take on the fight.

Diane Edwardson

Silver Lake

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