Bush Supporters Wave the Flags in Little Saigon

Times Staff Writer

About 100 people waving flags of the U.S. and the former republic of South Vietnam demonstrated their support Sunday for President Bush and against Iraq in the Little Saigon business district.

Vinh Xuan Nguyen, one of the organizers, said the show of support for Bush was, in part, to counter some of the antiwar protests taking place around the nation.

"We are observing the American antiwar protesters demonstrating in the streets," Nguyen said. "They are opposing their government, which is trying to do the necessary things to protect everybody from a possible attack.

"It is time for us Vietnamese Americans to speak out."

Demonstrators also carried signs with messages such as "There is no place in the world for terrorists, communists and dictators."

The Vietnamese American community historically has supported Bush and the Republican Party, said Westminster Councilman Andy Quach, who attended the event with colleague Kermit Marsh.

For Vietnamese Americans, watching Iraq's leader Saddam Hussein is reminiscent of what thousands of Vietnamese endured before they fled their homeland, Quach said.

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