The View of Bush From Afar

"The World Casts a Critical Eye on Bush's Style of Diplomacy" (March 3) validates how President Bush's own words have come back to haunt him. In his presidential bid, Bush stated that if we are an arrogant nation, that is how we would be viewed by the rest of the world, but if we're humble, we will be respected. Talk about prophetic and pathetic!

I travel extensively throughout the world on pleasure tours, and in each and every country I visit, the U.S. is perceived as arrogant and, yes, a global bully. Our president needs a crash course in diplomacy immediately, before his administration creates the ambience for World War III.

Edna M. Tobias

Hermosa Beach


In your article, former National Security Advisor Brent Scowcroft says that France, Germany, Russia and China "don't have enough common interests to constitute an alliance." I seem to recall an alliance between three out of the four of those countries in the not-so-distant past with the purpose of defeating the fascists/imperialists.

History seems to have a way of repeating itself.

Clay Cooper

Santa Barbara


Former Secretary of State George Shultz lauds Bush and his administration as straight talkers who describe the reality of global politics. This is exactly correct. As world leaders, they are responsible for describing reality through their vision, programs and behaviors. Not since Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev beat his shoe on his desk at the U.N. has reality been so poorly served.

Marjorie Black

Rancho Palos Verdes


Re "Bush Moves by Refusing to Budge," March 2: Bush's hard-line stance is a surprise only to those who weren't paying attention during the 2000 campaign. His promises to be a "compassionate conservative" were belied by his atrocious record on education, the environment and executions in Texas. His contempt for anyone who believes that poverty, prejudice and pollution are still significant problems was palpable. The present Republican Party lacks compassion by definition. Its Social Darwinist ideology is incompatible with human rights, values or dignity. Unless you're a corporate executive, a conservative Christian or a fetus, the GOP doesn't care whether you live or die.

Rob Schmidt

Culver City


As long as Bush is buying support to the tune of billions of dollars, I'd like to get in line. Mr. Bush, you can buy my vote in 2004 if you promise to provide me with affordable health insurance, protect the environment and give a boost to the economy. Oh, never mind. I almost forgot. You already promised all that in the last election.

Sandy Brown


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