What Are You Watching?

Carl Lumbly

Marcus Dixon on ABC's "Alias"

"My all-time favorite TV show was 'The Fugitive' with David Janssen. I just knew Richard Kimble was innocent, truly innocent. He told the only truth he had. But circumstances spoke louder than truth, and he was convicted. He is alone. As a young black boy, I related to Dr. Kimble's plight. I was innocent of any wrongdoing. But the circumstance of my parents moving to 1950s America left me vulnerable to those whose ignorance led them to hatred. I was not guilty but still felt convicted , like Dr. Kimble. There was a moment when I realized that documentary TV was extending my interest in and appreciation for history. Documentaries literally put a face on the history. Documentaries honor and validate the notion that all human stories, histories, show us the depth of our similarities ... the ways in which we are alike, what we share. This seems vital in a nation so transfixed by our differences."


Clint Holmes

Entertainer, Harrah's Las Vegas

"I'm a ["Late Show With David Letterman"] fanatic. I watch Dave every night. The first half-hour anyway. It doesn't really matter who the guest is. Dave has a tremendous sensibility that makes me laugh. There's only one sitcom I watch and that's 'Everybody Loves Raymond.' Ray Romano's laconic delivery and the way he looks at life makes me laugh too. My wife and I watch 'Boomtown.' It's very clever, very well done. And '24' -- it's like a soap opera. I've never been into soap operas because I've never been able to watch something that consistently, but '24' is so well done. I like surprises. That show constantly surprises. They take you around the corner and you think you're gonna see one thing and you see another."


Lou Ferrigno

Actor, "The Incredible Hulk" and "King of Queens"

"I've always loved 'The Fugitive' with David Janssen. I could always relate to him, because he was always running. He was forced to run because of society's perception of him as a murderer -- it was very similar to David Banner's situation in 'The Hulk.' Now I watch 'The Sopranos.' I grew up in New York and Brooklyn, so I can relate to some of the things going on in the show. It's interesting to watch the underlying emotions the actors portray in their characters. The only other TV that I watch is the news because I like to keep in touch with what's going on in the world."


Kyla Pratt

Breanna on UPN's "One on One"

"I love comedies like 'Friends' ... and 'My Wife and Kids.' I love the reality of these shows and the positive lessons you learn from them. That's why I love comedy. Next to comedies I love sharing New Year's Eve with my family and friends and Dick Clark. It's a nice time to share with the ones you love and you get to wish them success and happiness at the start of the New Year."


Grant Kirkpatrick


"My wife and I enjoy 'Alias' quite a bit. They are always off somewhere else in the world in intriguing locales with some incredibly unrealistic mission to pull off. It's like an hour of mindless intrigue. You can dial out for an hour and have fun. Jennifer Garner is a pretty good actress and fun to look at. I love 'SpongeBob [SquarePants].' My two boys and I watch that show a couple times a week. It reminds me of the old Bugs Bunny cartoons. It's as much adult humor as anything else. You can see one episode of 'SpongeBob' six times and still get something new out of it."

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