Help Preserve Endangered Habitat

You have chosen to characterize the Delhi sand dunes in Colton and Rialto as interesting only to a few nerdy entomologists ("A Simple Case of Insecticide," by Matthew Heller, Feb. 16). From 1995 to 2000, our organization involved more than 100 volunteers--students, businesspeople, aerospace workers, housewives and local residents--to restore these wonderful dunes. It's only recently that the land was trashed and subjected to industrial sprawl and overdevelopment.

The endangered Delhi Sands flower-loving fly, which is helping save a little bit of this land, is much more reminiscent of a hummingbird. It's surprisingly large and beautiful, and not a pest. When you develop a community in harmony with its environment, it's a much more beautiful and valuable place in which to live. Isn't that something we can all agree upon?

Jon Earl

Director, Rhapsody in Green

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