Gas Price Gouging Should Be Punished

Re "Surging Gasoline Prices Drive Debate at Pumps," Feb. 25:

If indeed, consumers are being gouged by the oil companies, especially during this stressful time in the run-up to war, acts such as these should be labeled treason. And those convicted should receive 25 years in prison. Most everything in this country is moved by truck. The increase in fuel will be passed on to you, my friends, in the form of higher retail prices for the things you and your family need. Any act that harms the public good (Enron, El Paso Corp., et al) for the sake of quick, high profits should be dealt with as an act of treason.

But this will probably never happen, because guess whose money has more influence on our government than our votes? Remember when we were taught in school that our government was "of the people, by the people and for the people"? I guess that was back in those days.

Robert Burns

Huntington Beach

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