More on the Colton Fly 'Fiasco'

"A Simple Case of Insecticide" (by Matthew Heller, Feb. 16) exemplifies the misguided goals of environmental zealots who use the Endangered Species Act to block developments on private land and human activities on public land. They believe that protecting the habitat of obscure species of rodents, rats and insects is more important than all past, present or future human values combined.

The Delhi Sands flower-loving fly fiasco in Colton is not an isolated case of a lack of compassion for the human species. Another is the Blair ranch situation in the Mojave Desert. When will the public realize that the Endangered Species Act is being used as a tool to eliminate the traditional Western American lifestyle? It's time for our legislators to modify the act and stop the abuse of the human species.

Howard Brown

Apple Valley


Let's see . . . plants and animals were here first. Next, humans show up and proceed to destroy the habitat of plants and animals. Plants and animals need protection from further human destruction (i.e. the Endangered Species Act). Humans think that it is unfair for plants and animals to require protection so selfishly.

Kudos to everyone who favors the protection of creatures that have been driven to the brink of extinction in the name of development. Shame on the city of Colton. Long live the Delhi Sands flower-loving fly!

Lindsey T. Groves

Natural History Muesum of Los Angeles County

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