Key Events

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Key events

Sulaymaniyah: Troops flown into airstrips secured by special operations units.

Najaf: Between 150 and 500 Iraqis die in skirmish with U.S. troops.

Karbala: 1st Marine Division resumes its march toward Baghdad as a fierce sandstorm subsides.


Basra: British forces battle for control of the city amid reports of an insurrection against Iraqi troops. Aid deliveries remain impossible.

Casualties Military totals (as of 5 p.m. Pacific time Tuesday)

U.S. Britain Iraq Killed 20 20 Unknown Missing 7 2 Unknown Captured 7 0 3,500

* Civilian casualties: Iraq has reported at least 194 civilians killed. One Australian and one British journalist have been killed. *

U.S. and British deaths

Killed When Where Circumstances 8 Britons Friday Kuwait Helicopter crash 4 Americans

2 Americans Friday Southern Iraq In combat

1 American Saturday Persian Gulf Helicopter collision 6 Britons


2 Americans Saturday Kuwait Grenade attack at base camp

1 American Sunday Kuwait Vehicle accident

9 Americans Sunday Nasiriyah Ambushed during fake surrender

2 Britons Sunday Kuwait Jet down in friendly fire


1 American Monday Najaf Shot by sniper

2 Britons Monday Near Basra Killed during riot

2 Britons Tuesday Basra Friendly fire from tank

* Sources: National Imagery and Mapping Agency, Jane’s Defence Weekly, Associated Press, Reuters, Tribune Co. Researched by Times graphics reporters Joel Greenberg, Brady MacDonald and Daryl Strickland