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One thousand U.S. soldiers parachuted into northern Iraq and took control of an airfield Wednesday, forming the vanguard of a new front in the war. More equipment and thousands of troops will be brought to the airfield, the Pentagon said. Iraq said 15 civilians were killed when two missiles slammed into a residential Baghdad neighborhood. Despite a second day of blinding sandstorms, scattered fighting flared throughout Iraq. Warplanes pounded two of six Republican Guard units surrounding Baghdad. To the south, a column of Iraqi tanks broke out of Basra and fell under an intense air assault. The first shipment of humanitarian aid arrived from Kuwait. Even as Iraqis reached for the boxes of food, they accused the U.S. and Britain of trying to humiliate them with the assistance.

* Paratroopers move in Where they landed: Bashur airfield (30 miles south of Turkish border) Number: 1,000 Unit: 173rd Airborne Brigade Significance: First U.S. force of any size in northern Iraq Purpose: To form the vanguard of the northern front * Casualties Military totals (as of 5 p.m. Pacific time Wednesday) U.S. Britain Iraq Killed 26 20 Unknown Missing 8 2 Unknown Captured 7 0 4,500

Civilian casualties *Iraq has reported at least 209 civilians killed. One Australian and one British journalist have been killed.

U.S. and British deaths

Killed When Where Circumstances 8 Britons Friday Kuwait Helicopter crash 4 Americans

2 Americans Friday Southern Iraq In combat

1 American Saturday Persian Gulf Helicopter collision 6 Britons

2 Americans Saturday Kuwait Grenade attack at base camp 1 American Saturday Kuwait Vehicle accident

1 American Saturday Unknown Gun accident

11 Americans Sunday Nasiriyah Ambushed during fake surrender 2 Britons Sunday Kuwait Jet downed in friendly fire incident 1 American Monday Najaf Killed in action

2 Britons Monday Near Basra Killed during riot

2 Americans Monday Saddam Canal Drowned

2 Britons Tuesday Basra Killed in friendly fire incident 1 American Unknown Unknown Vehicle accident

Sources: National Imagery and Mapping Agency, Jane's Defence Weekly, Associated Press, Reuters, Tribune Co. * Researched by Times graphics reporters Brady MacDonald and Daryl Strickland

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