The Register -- After the Hoiles

Re "We'll Miss the World According to Hoiles" (Dana Parsons, March 9):

The Orange County Register may be California's crazy aunt in the closet, but I certainly hope it will not be watered down by its new owner.

When I first arrived in Orange County several years ago, I took out a subscription to the "local paper."

After a few weeks, having noticed a certain, shall we say, "consistency," to it, I sent a letter to the editor, complaining that their opinion section represented just one side and made the same points over and over again.

Of course, they did not print the letter. But to my surprise I received a response back from a Dick Tracy, the letters editor. He wrote: "Welcome to the area. We represent a point of view, as libertarians, and we leave it to other publications to espouse the liberal position. There are plenty of them."

Though I dropped my subscription immediately, I still agree with Dana Parsons in one sense. If all of that concentrated, conservative intensity should have no place to vent, how can I continue to entertain my out-of-state visitors?

I have a suggestion. Whoever purchases the Register should embrace its right-wing environment -- or, rather, "anti-environment." They should publish the same extraordinary reading material, and they should do this all on the right half of their opinions page. On the left half of the page should be an equally slanted set of diatribes from the crazy left, if any such columnists can still be found.

That way, the paper will maintain its appeal to the outer limits on the right, develop a clientele within the new Orange County on the left, and still give my guests something to look forward to when they visit.

Mark Ring

Anaheim Hills

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