Storage eyesore

MARY McNamara getting all warm and fuzzy about storage facilities (“Where Dreamers and Pack Rats Rule,” April 29) was bad enough.

However, showing a photo of the hideous Public Storage building in Glassell Park with a caption calling it “a pretty sight” waves a red flag at the charging bull of public opinion in that neighborhood.

Once the gateway of Glassell Park, the intersection of Verdugo Road and Eagle Rock Boulevard presented a breathtaking view of “the seven hills,” a beautiful, natural feature of the northeast corner of Los Angeles.

Now this huge eyesore blocks the view. The silly sculptures on its face only puts earrings on a particularly smelly pig.


I have lived in those hills for some time now. In inviting family and friends to my home, I have never heard one single visitor describe the building as anything but “a monstrosity.”

“A pretty sight”? I don’t think so.

Glen Creason

Glassell Park