‘Cancun’ can’t

I find it quite interesting that everyone is wondering why people didn’t go see “The Real Cancun” over the weekend (“ ‘Identity’ Over Reality,” by Lorenza Munoz, April 28). I was asking the same type of question on Friday, except that I was asking it the other way around: Who would go see this movie?

I didn’t think that regular moviegoers would have any interest in the movie because, based on the reviews that I read, the movie really doesn’t have a story line.

I didn’t think that reality TV fans would go because it’s only 90 minutes long. Most reality TV fans I know like to talk about which people they like, which people they hate, which people they don’t care about. Then they can’t wait to see what happens to those people on the following episode. Ninety minutes isn’t enough time to figure those things out.

Finally, I didn’t think the young audiences would go see this movie because it’s easier to wait for the video or DVD to come out so they can skip right to the good parts (nudity, sex, partying, etc.).


Andrew Saidi

Los Angeles