Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle

You’ve got your three main halos back, along with the stylish, street-tested director and a penchant for spectacle that takes in everything from motocross to roller derby (think, loosely, angels on wheels and wings -- with a few tanks thrown in). But one primary element from the first “CA” has changed. Charlie’s main man, Bill Murray -- who reportedly found his trio of beautiful co-stars less than heavenly to work with -- has been replaced by Bernie Mac as Bosley’s brother. The resemblance is uncanny. And we probably shouldn’t get our hopes up about seeing Tom Green again either.


Action-comedy (June 27)



With: Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore, Lucy Liu, Bernie Mac.

The idea: The trio becomes entangled with a missing witness protection database and a series of murders.

Writer: John August.

Director: McG.