Inconsiderate Men in Flying Machines

Re “FAA Sees No Violations After Gripes About Daredevil Pilots,” March 20:

If a motorcyclist roared up and down a residential street for 10 minutes, a resident could call the police and the responding squad car would put a quick end to the disturbance. Yet the FAA says it is OK for one cowboy stunt pilot to disturb the peace of a neighborhood for hours in his noisy flying antics -- a neighborhood consisting of perhaps thousands of people. It’s incredible what rights the FAA gives these clowns.

My wife and I spend a week each year camping at Caspers Wilderness Park, which is adjacent to Cota de Caza. When in the park, one has to listen to the roaring stunt pilot engines all day long. And in trying for a nap in the afternoon one has to listen to some fool trying to tear the wings off his roaring, diving airplane. Unable to sleep, one lies there for an hour praying that the pilot is successful.

People have long had the right to have a quiet, peaceful neighborhood. Who does the FAA think it is to deny that right for a few playboys?


James R. Gallagher

Huntington Beach