Hopes for keeping musical home as a ‘cultural icon’

Regarding “Singer Clooney’s Home Is Sold” (Hot Property, April 27): I can understand that a recently deceased well-known entertainer’s home in Beverly Hills has been sold; life goes on. But it’s tragic that “the buyer, a businessman who owns several large retail and wholesale properties in the downtown L.A. fashion district, plans to raze the house.”

This undoubtedly classic and beautiful home was owned by Rosemary Clooney for 50 years and before that by an American icon, George Gershwin. Clooney’s autobiography says that the house next door was owned and occupied for a similar period of time by Ira Gershwin.

Has the new owner no class or decency? Why demolish such history to erect a tasteless McMansion?

Rob Briner


Santa Monica


To lose this house would be an immense loss. Gershwin is an integral part of the musical life and cultural heritage of not only the Los Angeles area, but the state, the country and indeed, due to Gershwin’s enduring popularity, the world. This important house must not be torn down but saved as a cultural icon to the musical wealth of the city.

Matthew Hetz

Los Angeles


Hot Property leaves me cold. Although I have a master’s degree and 15 years’ teaching experience in Orange County, I can’t even afford a shack around here.

What pleasure am I suppose to receive from reading about Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s, or any other of your demigod’s, purchase or sale of a multimillion-dollar mansion?


Greg Lynn

Seal Beach