This Could Be a Rapid Way to Lose Fan Base

The Cedar Rapids Kernels, the Midwest League affiliate of the Angels, are offering “Baseball 101 for Women” Saturday at the club’s home field.

Instruction on hitting and pitching fundamentals, fielding techniques and rules will be offered by coaches and players.

A good idea. Shrewd marketing even. But in a press release publicizing the clinic, it seems the club might have stooped to being a tad condescending:

“Admit it ladies. You’ve been baffled. You’ve heard of the shortstop and looked for him, but you can’t quite figure out who he is because all the players appear to be the same height.”


And, “the guy next to you keeps saying how ‘that pitcher really has some gas tonight,’ and you don’t see -- or smell -- anything ... “

Now remember, we’re only the messenger here ...

Trivia time: On this date in 1987, who became the first major leaguer to hit home runs from both sides of the plate in consecutive games?

‘Bama or bust: Alabama went out on a limb by hiring Mike Shula, 37, considering he never has been a head coach or on a college staff.

It’s not the first time, though, a football team took a chance on a Shula.

Mike’s father, Don, took over as coach of the Baltimore Colts when he was only 33. He was ready.

Mike’s brother, David, became the youngest head coach in the NFL’s modern era when he took over the Cincinnati Bengals at 32. He wasn’t ready.

Or, as an Associated Press story put it, Mike’s “father has a bust in Canton, brother David was a bust in Cincinnati.”


So what ever happened to David, who was 19-52 in five seasons before being fired?

He is president of the family’s steakhouse chain.

Clubbing it: You know certain golf clubs are indeed “exclusive” when even a former president has trouble getting in.

Since he moved to Westchester County, N.Y. after leaving office, President Clinton has had difficulty finding an area club to accept him. The reasons: long waiting lists, the potential inconvenience of having an ex-president around and, of course, hard feelings over some of his political views.


But finally, Golf World magazine is reporting, Clinton has found a club -- Trump National Golf Club in Briarcliff Manor, owned by real estate mogul Donald Trump.

Par for the course.

Trivia answer: Eddie Murray, then with the Baltimore Orioles.

And finally: Nic Wise can’t sign a letter of intent for 2 1/2 more years, but that didn’t stop the 15-year-old high school freshman from making his college commitment last week: to Arizona.


The 5-foot-10 point guard plays for an all-star team called the Houston Hoops, which is coached by Hal Pastner, the father of Arizona assistant Josh Pastner, who has been tracking Wise since elementary school.

Wise’s choice was between Arizona and Texas, and not even a conversation with Longhorn star T.J. Ford could sway him.

“There was no reason to wait,” Wise’s father, Greg, told the Tucson Citizen. “We know we are not going to find anything better than Arizona.”

After all, when you’re a teenager, how much really changes in 2 1/2 years?