Another lavender awaiting discovery

I liked Emily Green’s article “In Love With Lavender,” May 1. As she noted, there are so many great lavenders for our Mediterranean climate.

There is another species that is beginning to show up in limited quantities in Southern California nurseries and gardens. It is Lavandula minutolii. From the Canary Islands, it somewhat resembles canariensis, pinnata and multifida but has a bolder, more interesting leaf.

Ron Vanderhoff

Corona del Mar


Ron Vanderhoff is the nursery manager of Roger’s Gardens in Corona del Mar.


Congratulations on your continuing wonderful articles on gardening. I might quibble about watering lavenders at “dusk.” It’s best early, like roses, so they can be dry at night, otherwise L. heterophylla in particular will develop a black soot fungus.

Peter Strauss