The naked truth about dating

I guess Mark Miller could think of dating as job training, as he said -- if he wants to be an actor! (“Dating? Think of It as Job Training,” May 8.)

If he spends all of his time and money running around trying to be what “Sarah” wants and needs and he is really not “it,” no wonder he finds women so high maintenance. Why doesn’t he just find someone he has something in common with?

Oh yeah, I forgot, that is the difference between women and men: Women look for someone we find interesting, and the chemistry comes second; men take one look at us and go with Miller’s “one of three things you ponder” when they meet us. If it isn’t No. 2 -- “I wonder what she looks like naked?” -- it’s over.

You amazingly giving men do just about anything to see us naked and then call us high maintenance for all the work you have had to put into it to fool us.


Guess what? We are not fooled. After three months -- that is the magic number -- we find out what you are really like. Unfortunately for most of us, by then we are remembering all the great things you were and wondering why you aren’t those things anymore.

Elyssa Berger